Supervisor Training

Schedule and Teaching Style Accommodate Adult Learners
Over the years, we have found that people studying subjects in the realm of spirituality learn best in a contemplative atmosphere, one that emphasizes not simply information but personal and professional transformation. This is the spirit in which we conduct supervision training.
Rather than expecting students to be away from their work for weeks at a time, Together in the Mystery schedules instruction in three parts:

Part 1: 3-Day contemplative practicim held at a seminary, university, or retreat center

Part 2: A year of supervision by instructors

Part 3: Ending weekend of contemplative practicum also held at a seminary, university, or retreat center

In large part, course sessions are held in a seminar style that involves students in discussing the topic at hand.


Individual Attention
Instructors will:

  • Do their best to help students meet their learning goals. If something not currently in the curriculum would be helpful to you, just ask.
  • Provide individual feedback to students eight times a year about their supervision sessions.
  • Maintain student-teacher ratio at no more than six to one.

Requirements for Acceptance

  • Have a minimum of three to five years’ experience as a spiritual director
  • Receive recommendations from your spiritual director and supervisor
  • Make a commitment to two seminars held over a three-day weekend
  • Participate in a year of supervision by the instructors (in person, over the telephone, or via video conference.)
  • Offer supervision eight to ten times during the course of a year for a minimum of two people.
  • NOTE:  You are not required to have supervisees before enrolling in Together in the Mystery.  If need be, we will assist you in finding supervisees with whom to practice.

Time Commitment

  • Two 3-day seminars involving intensive practice
  • A year’s worth of supervised practice

For example:  Attend an initial 3-day seminar in Northern California; receive a year’s worth of long-distance supervision by instructors; then, attend a final weekend seminar in Northern California.

Locations of Seminar Past & Present

  • San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo (San Francisco Metro Area), CA
  • Fairfield University Center for Ignatian Spirituality, Fairfield, CT
  • Westhope Presbyterian Church, Saratoga (Silicon Valley), CA
  • The Griffin Center, Milwaukie (Portland Metro Area), OR
  • Columbia Seminary, Decatur, GA
  • Riverside Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, FL
  • Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes (Los Angeles Metro Area), CA
  • Shalom Prayer Center, Mt. Angel, OR
  • St. Placid Benedictine Priory, Lacey (Seattle Metro Area), WA

Upcoming TIM I training sites 2020/21:
March 20-22, 2020: Carlton, OR
May 1-5, 2020: Dublin, Ireland
TIM I training sites 2019/20:
February 15-17, 2019:  Dallas, TX
March 29-31, 2019: Carlton, OR
April 26-30, 2019: Dublin, Ireland
June 21-23: Stoneville, NC

On site at your location

When is Training Held?

Scheduled once or twice a year and held at other times, in other places, by arrangement.  Seminars usually begin at 9:00 AM on Friday and end by 3:00 PM on Sunday, though occasionally other days can be arranged.


The cost of the program varies from location to location, depending on the cost of room, board, books, and transportation.  The following figures are estimates that will become concrete during the application process:

  • Application Fee:  $50.   See Dates & Application page for registration deadlines.
  • Tuition for First Weekend Seminar:  $850. Plus room and board fees to be determined by the hosting organization (as well as your transportation to and from seminar site).
  • For eight supervision sessions with instructors during the training year: $70/session
  • Tuition for Second Weekend Seminar:  $850.  Plus room and board fees to be determined by the hosting organization (as well as your transportation to and from seminar site).

Note:  Normally, we will be housed in a retreat center or seminary, to keep the cost of room and board as low as possible.  However, in some areas (like Silicon Valley and Jacksonville) we are housed in a hotel, which may cost a bit more.

Scholarships and Accommodations for Disability

We offer a limited number of need-based scholarships for each session.  You may indicate your need for one on your application form.

If you live with disability, please indicate on the application form any needs you might have for accommodation, and we will do our best to meet them.