“If you want to maximize your time learning about supervision, then you have to entrust yourself to folks who really know their stuff. ‘To g e t h e r in the Mystery’ staff are seasoned practitioners who won’t disappoint you. I know because I experienced their training firsthand.”

Wil Hernandez, PhD CenterQuest, Pasadena, CA

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“Maria and Rebecca make a great team, offering essential insights and wisdom about the ministry of supervision.  I felt well-supported.”

Christine Valters-Paintner, Ph.D., Seattle, WA


“Together in the Mystery helped me to be a supervisor by teaching concrete ways to bring  forth wisdom.  Above all, I’m grateful for receiving supervision all year as I learned from the wise and compassionate faculty.  I’ve grown in my ability to notice the Spirit’s movement within me and find creative ways of drawing that wisdom into my practice of supervision.”

Sinhyang Park, South Korea


“Together in the Mystery has provided me with the skills, education, and supervision experiences I have needed in order to become a qualified supervisor.  This program excels in all the areas needed for professional supervision as provided through the lens of faith, ethics, and responsible accountability.”

Bryna Bozart, D.Min, Charlotte, NC


“Together in the Mystery helped to lovingly mold me into the supervisor that God is calling me to be.  This is important work in the world, and it is crucial that it be done in a way that integrates learning with practicum and supervision.”

Dr. C. Webb, Louisville, KY


“This yearlong training program was a growing and stretching process for me which is helping me grow personally as well as living into God’s invitation to me as a supervisor.”

Diane Grant, Concord, CA


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“Together on the Mystery is the best thing I have ever done for myself professionally.”

Paula Gamble-Grant, Portland, OR