History of Spiritual Direction Supervision

August 10, 2012


While musing on the discipline of supervising spiritual directors, we at TIM find ourselves yearning for a robust, ongoing dialogue about this topic with supervisors around the world.  Even before that, however, we hope that you will help us convert the largely oral history of supervision for spiritual directors into a written one.

For starters, here’s what we wonder:

  • Who created the first supervision training programs?  Where?  When?
  • What were their philosophies and how have these changed over the years?
  • What are the various supervision models currently in existence?

Have something to share on these topics or others like them?  If so, please post a comment that provides your piece of the supervision puzzle.  After hearing from you, we hope to weave what you share into an article for Presence that chronicles the written history of supervision for spiritual directorsThanks!


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